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The strength of our company

With the establishment of Rüde by Helmut Rüde in 1973, the foundation stone was laid for Rüde Group with the companies Rüde, Frank Rüde and Spritz-Plast. The name Rüde is by now standing for quality and reliability.

Due to our long years of experience, we can offer you practice-oriented development and single-source production. In the area of construction, we manufacture formwork accessories, spacers and rebar connections. Our products in the area of sport are Rüde-Training Assistance and FIS-Tilt-Poles.

Starting with the production of forms and tools, over extrusion, moulding, steel and sheet metal processing, through to assembly, fabrication and distribution of europe-wide network we are your competent partner today, as well as in the future.

RÜDE GRUPPE, 79725 Laufenburg