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RÜDE Training Aids
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Sport-Trainingshilfen / RÜDE GRUPPE, 79725 Laufenburg... with the right training towards the goal!

Rüde Training Aids provide the ideal training facilitation in association, school, club and leisure sport.

Rüde Training Aids are very versatile in basic workout, development and performance training, used regularly by many association and DFB sports teachers as well as by bundesliga coaches for exercises to strengthen the muscles and training of condition and mobility.

Download Complete-Catalogue: » Rüde_Training-Aids_1_2022.pdf
RÜDE System of Tilt-Poles
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Sport FIS-Kippstangen / RÜDE GRUPPE, 79725 Laufenburg... with the right technology towards the goal!

Rüde Tilt-Poles are mounted according to requirements with the following components:
  • 4 several standpipes
  • the new DF-Joint with an adjustable prestressing by double spring system
  • 3 different ground tubes

Download Complete-Catalogue: » Rüde_Tilt-Poles.pdf